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The Environmental Center in Al-Hariri School – Da'al Daraa

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The Environmental Center in Al-Hariri School – Da'al



General view:

On 22 of January 2006 , the environmental center was established in Al-Shahid Al-Hariri school in Da'al. That was after the workshop in Tartus.

The pupils who associated  in 2006 are 59 pupils from 4th, 5th, 6th classes.

4th class : 9 girls – 10 boys

5th class : 12 girls – 10 boys

6th class : 12 girls – 6 boys

They were distributed into three groups. Each group was divided into groups for activities :

-         group for garden protection and maintenance + study of the kingdom of animal

-         group for cattle

-         group for poultry

-         group for insects ( each one concerns with one kind )


the pupils also were divided into groups to take care with animals:

-         productive animals

-         working animals

-         guarding animals

-         accompanied animals

-         pet animals


It was depended on the book "guide to Environmental Activities" which was published by SPANA in 2006 , and some activities from the attended workshops .


Work Steps :

1-    overview on the animals and plants in the surrounded environment.

2-    Classification of the animals

3-    Dealing with animals

4-    Animals needs

5-    Physiological functions of the animals

6-    Human attitude towards animals

7-    sides of  Similarities between human and animal

8-    using of the animals

9-    the five freedoms of the animals

10-                       animal in the environment / the environmental balance

11-                       Environment ( land – water )

12-                       Nutrition relations among animals

13-                       Nutrition chains

14-                       Nutrition net / diversity of energy sources

15-                       Elements of the environmental system

16-                       Overview on the donkey

17-                       Overview on the environmental deterioration- climate changes – the effect on the earth and the living beings

18-                       Different activities about animal and environment are carried out concerning with : protection of environment in general , biodiversity, environmental balance , studying some aspects of the climate changes and the affect on the life of all living beings on the close and fare extent.


Obstacles we meet in the environmental center

1.     the lack for the financial sources to carry out the activities

2.     the lack for a book which is directed to the Department of Education, to set a budget for this living room and environmental center

3.     the lack for a book which is directed to the director of the school to set a budget for the environmental room.


Suggestion : 

from the Ministry of Education – to the departments of education to issue books to motivate the school directors to visit the living rooms, and establish environmental clubs in their schools under the control of the supervisor of the living room , and carrying out shared activities to know the living room and the environmental club.




 supervisor on the environmental center

           Ahmad Ali Al-Ghunaim  



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