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Jerniyet Al-Asi School

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Jerniyet Al-Asi School


On 1.10.2007 , It was established environmental club in the rural school Jerniyet Al-Asi . it was called ( Animal Friends Club ). It was carried out first test about the love  and caring with animals and dealing with them, for choosing the club members .

They pupils who succeed in the test are 24 pupils.

The 4th class there are 7 pupils : 4 girls and 3 boys

The 5th class there are 7 pupils : 4 girls and 3 boys

The 6th class there are 10 pupils : 3 girls and 7 boys


Aim of Club

1-      Enforcing the environmental awareness of the pupils and developing their environmental education .

2-      Transforming the environmental concepts and values into the practical behavior .

3-      Keeping the school clean , and so, the village then the city.

4-      Developing the love for collective work, and protecting the individual creation and bringing out it.

5-      Sympathy with the animals and take the responsibility towards them

6-      Bringing out the talent : story – poetry – drawing, and setting up the environmental exhibition

7-      Establishing school garden and planting .

Logo of Club

To live man and animal together in clean and healthy environment  

Plane of Club

1-      the members of the club are distributed into three groups. Each group has                a monitor:

-          group for caring with plants in the garden

-          group for caring with animals .

-          group for keeping the surrounding environment clean

2-      creating the stories about animals and design the wall journals

3-      setting up exhibition at the end of the study year contains the works of the members of club.

Place of Meeting the members of club

The Healthy Course Room in the school

Equipments and tools

The club is in need to the special tools of the club such as Camera – lens – and the others tools.

Club Name and Establishment

The name: Animal Friend Club.

Establishment on : 4th of October 2007 ( World Animal Day )




  Director of School                                                     supervisor on Rural School

                                                                                       and Environmental Club

Abdul Razzaq Al-Abboud                                         Agronomist, Amid Al-Masri





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