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Al-Shiha in Hama

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Feedback report of  Al-Shiha in Hama

Plan of the Outdoor classroom 2006 – 2007


Following to the participation of the rural teacher Omar Deep , the director of the outdoor classroom in Al-Shiha school, in the workshop in the environmental center in Tartus, it was done four scholar clubs of the 5th and 6th classes, as follows:

1-    Club of bee culture

2-    Club of aviculture

3-    Club of school garden

4-    Club of environmental friends

the pupils were motivated to work hardly for serving the local environment which is the source of life. Also, they were trained to sow trees through sowing 100 nursery of the pine around the school fence. It was focused on the importance of the tree which is the lung of nature.

Moreover, the rural teacher managed to trim the olives trees.

On the scientific and cultural sides, the pupils were acquainted with the CDs  that they had received from the Ministry of Education such as           ( Brucellosis, Biodiversity , and some environmental songs ).



       Director                                           supervisor                                 rural teacher

Khaled Al-Atrash                   Agronomist, Mu'taz Tarabain                Omar Deep





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