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Animal Friends Club in Der Azzour

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Animal Friends Club in Der Azzour


The Club was established on 15 of January 2006.

The members are : 21 pupils from the 4th class to 8th class.

4th class : one boy

5th class: 5 girls , 2 boys

6th class : 2 girls , 2 boys

7th class: 4 girls , one  boy

8th class: 4 boys


The members are distributed into three groups:

1-     first group : for caring with the school garden

2-     second group for the general cleaning

3-     third group for caring with animals



Work Plan of the Club from January until May 2007







Establishing the garden of the school

3rd  week of January

4th week of February

Group of the school garden

Garden is complete

Setting up environmental exhibition

1st week of March

1st week of April

All members of the club

Exhibition is ready

Keeping the school clean

all the year

All the year

Group of cleaning

School is clean

Planting citrus trees

2nd week of April

4th week of April

Group of the school garden

The fruit garden  is complete

Short trip to the nearby field

3 of May

One day

Administration of the club

The trip was done and  knew the wild flowers





Supervisor of Club

Mazen A. Khalaf



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