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Dwer Shekh Sa'ad - Tartus

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Dwer Shekh Sa'ad





The environmental center in Dwer Shekh Sa'ad , in Tartus, was established on 14 of September 2004. it is considered as a civilized and educational shining center. It is the first of its kind in Syria and in the Middle East Region.


Place :

The environmental center in Tartus was established in a wonderful place , Dwer Shekh Sa'ad. It is a nice place , in the mountain and overlooks on the sea and the valley. It is Away of the residential groups. It is surrounded by trees of citrus fruits and olives.



Environmental gardens:

The environmental gardens in the center contain various kinds :

- trees of the acicular leaves : pine – cedar – fir .

- trees of ( fallen leaves ) : platan – prunus – mulberry

- trees of lasting green : wattle – Eucalyptus

- forest and mountain trees : laurel – carob – oak .

- Mediterranean trees : olives and citrus .

- Wet garden : medical plants and pond : rosemary - elodea .

- Desert garden : palm - cactus .



Animals :

Donkey - Sheep – birds – rabbits – chickens – turtle – pigeon – hamster.


Aim of Club

1- continuous preparing and training the supervisors on the environmental clubs in schools of Syria.



2- Carrying out central workshops and local training courses for the teachers of biology and the educational directors and Agronomists in the rural department in the ministry of education.





- official institutes

- schools , pupils and students

- local societies

- special kindergartens



Environmental activities

1- carrying out the experience of ants and earthworm

2- planting the seeds of some decorated plants.



3- Feeding and caring animals




4- Presenting the environmental songs.

5- Setting up exhibition for the drawings of the members of the club ( nature and animals )



6- Watching the emigrated birds .


7- Cleaning the center and the place of animals continuously



8- Know the plants and the animals of the pond . exploring it by the microscope and the available tools.












9- Planting vegetables in winter and summer within beds.


10- Cleaning the riverbanks of Al-Ghamqah.

11- Contribution in free campaign to clean the Syrian shore.

12- Preparing environmental show .

13- The members of the club had meetings in the Satellite Syrian channel , Aljazeerah kids channel , Teshreen newspaper , Syrian broadcast. They showed some environmental activities.



14- Presenting, weekly , a story which had happened with one member and some animals or environment.

15- Contribution in developing and enforcing the environmental cooperation among the kids of Syria and the kids of Dubai ( planting Iris flowers )



16- The club members made parties to the gardens , sea , river, and the camp of pioneers.

17- Celebrating the World Animal Day.



18- Celebrating the Tree Day , by planting 56 trees of gall oak.






Director of Environmental center in Tartus

Agronomist . Salam Lazkani





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