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Workshop in Tartus

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Based on the plane of the cooperation between the Ministry of Education and the Animal Protection Project ( SPANA )  in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Al-Baath University in Hama, it was carried on workshop for the observers on the living rooms in the cities of Syria, on 16 – 17 of April 2008 in the environmental center in Tartus – dwer Sheikh sa'ad. The aims of the workshop, is acquainting of the participants with the latest developments about the environmental education in the field of animal protection and care. In addition to, evaluation the rest of the living rooms in the other cities, and the reflections of this experience on the environmental activities in the schools of Syria. Also, developing the living rooms in order to move to the stage of the school environmental club. And finally, to spread the experience of the living rooms in the other cities in Syria.   


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