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Syrian Iris Flowers for the celebration of the International Day for Biodiversity 2009

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Syrian Iris Flowers for the celebration of the International Day for Biodiversity 2009


The Syrian Iris flowers can be traced back as far as 1950 B.C., when the Pharaoh Thutmosis I brought them back to Egypt after the Syrian wars in Kadesh. They are according to Greek mythology the messenger of the gods and the rainbow linking earth with other worlds. They have been grown in all temperate parts of the world.

The animal protection project (spana) in Syria in cooperation with the directorate of child culture of the ministry of culture established an Iris garden in Homs during the cultural festival of St. Elian in the year 2008. In this garden specimens of all Syrian species of Iris were collected from all over Syria and planted there. Monitoring observation show a phantastic grow of all these species and we were able for the first time to detect and confirm relationships, growth factors and conditions of these species. From this flowers we can see Iris auranticus, I.basaltica, I. bostrensis, I. damascene, I. calcarea, I. yebrudii, I. mesopotamica, I. antilebanotica, I. nigricans, I. pseudocorus growing in the wetlands of Syria and others.

Pictures from all these species were printed as post cards of the Syrian environment and a TV. Film was prepared about Irises in cooperation with the Syrian Television.

The celebration of the International day of Biodiversity we would like to have the Iris flowers as a flagship of our celebration in Syria in the year of 2009.


Dr. Darem Tabbaa

Director of SPANA/SYRIA




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