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donkey with scabies by Jihad

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April 2012




Refuge name or

mobile clinic location

4th mobile clinic

Photos or video




Donkey/ horse/ mule/ camel



Animal age and name (if has one)

15 years his name is Antar

Male/ female



Work of animal (what does it do on a daily basis)


Works in transporting and cultivating

Work hours (how long does it work for every day)


Works for 6 – hours daily during the cultivating seasons, and 1- 2  hours in transporting.

Working conditions (what is the environment like that it works in)

Antar is rarely gets his rest. He is always busy in transporting the owner and his needs to different places. His food is the straw and the barley, except in spring.



Owner’s name


Jamal Abu Fao'ur

Family details (e.g. do they have wife/ children?)


Wife and five children

Area owner lives


Villages of AlSuaidaa ( Nemrah village)

How did owner get animal to SPANA?


By the contact with the mobile clinic in the area.

Owner quote- what did they say about SPANA? What did they say about importance of animal?


" thanks SPANA – I cannot work without my animal"

How long has owner worked with animals? 

Antar works with his owner in cultivating and transporting for more than 11 years.

These are all of the questions for the owner- you can complete the rest of the form without them.


Injury/ illness



Injury/ illness signs


It appeared on the animal's body, places which is without of hair, and severe itching.   


Injury/ illness cause


Infection from another animal



Treatment description


Vet Ass. Jihad examined Antar, and noticed that the animal was infected with the scabies in the neck, in addition to, the animal was suffering severe itching.

The treatment was by giving the animal dose for  anti external parasites , which was repeated after two weeks. The infected places was anointed with the sulfur ointment. 


Recovery time


The animal was recovered after 20 days.


Advice given to animal owner by SPANA staff


The owner had been advised to isolate the infected donkey until the recovery.  Also, to keep Antar under the sun few hours daily, and to clean the stable with the slaked lime.







The owner feeds his animal the straw and barley, which costs him about £ 1.00 daily. The owner depends on his corps as the only income for him.











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