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horse with burns by Ass. AbdulAziz

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May 2012




Refuge name or

mobile clinic location

2nd mobile clinic in

Damascus' suburbs

Photos or video




Donkey/ horse/ mule/ camel



Animal age and name (if has one)

9 years, named Qastana'ai, (means maroon in English)

Male/ female



Work of animal (what does it do on a daily basis)


Pulls a cart for his owner who sell diesel.

Work hours (how long does it work for every day)


Works about 12 hours daily. 

Working conditions (what is the environment like that it works in)

He rarely gets a rest, he's fed barley and straw.



Owner’s name


Salim Alabdullah

Family details (e.g. do they have wife/ children?)


Wife, 4 children

Area owner lives


(dahadil) in Suburbs of Damascus

How did owner get animal to SPANA?


Through the rounds of the mobile clinic in the area

Owner quote- what did they say about SPANA? What did they say about importance of animal?


"Very thank to SPANA team and all who works in this project"

How long has owner worked with animals? 

Owner has driven a cart horse for more than 5 years

These are all of the questions for the owner- you can complete the rest of the form without them.


Injury/ illness


Burns in all his body

Injury/ illness signs


Peeling off the skin of the back legs, and edema and inflammatory infiltrations due to the burns between the two thighs. 



Injury/ illness cause


The horse was bound inside the stable, when the stable was burning, because someone threw a flaming  cigarette filter in it.



Treatment description

Maroon was given dose of pain killer, the burns were cleaned, and were anointed with zinc oxide , the horse was given antibiotics and anti edema. In addition to, the animal was given dose of antitetanus.

The treatment continued with the spray of alamycine until the complete recovery.


Recovery time



The treatment continued daily for about a month until the recovery.

Advice given to animal owner by SPANA staff


The owner had been advised to clean the stables and disposal the waste regularly.















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Vet ass. AbdulAziz Dehne


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