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donkey with wound during June 2012

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April - June  2012





Refuge name or

mobile clinic location

Villages of AlSuaidaa

4th mobile clinic

Photos or video




Donkey/ horse/ mule/ camel



Animal age and name (if has one)

8 years, called Black

Male/ female



Work of animal (what does it do on a daily basis)


Works in cultivating

Work hours (how long does it work for every day)


Works about 6 hours daily during the cultivating season.

Working conditions (what is the environment like that it works in)

Bakheet gets more rest out of cultivating season, he feeds straw and barley in winter, and fresh grass from the pastures in the rest of the year.



Owner’s name


Taiseer abu Zedan

Family details (e.g. do they have wife/ children?)


2 wifes, 7 children.

Area owner lives


Al ugailat in the villages of AlSuaidaa

How did owner get animal to SPANA?


Through the rounds of the mobile clinic in the zone.

Owner quote- what did they say about SPANA? What did they say about importance of animal?


"thanks SPANA" " my animal saves for me a lot of money and effort."

How long has owner worked with animals? 

Since 3 years

These are all of the questions for the owner- you can complete the rest of the form without them.


Injury/ illness


Big and deep wound in the front left leg.

Injury/ illness signs


Lameness, big wound, and abrasions in the front left leg.

Injury/ illness cause



Because of the rope of tying and the friction with the skin



Treatment description


Bakheet was examined generally, and the wound specially, it was noticed that the lameness was due to the big wound in the joint . the animal was treated by cleaning the wound with the iodine and sprayed with the local antibiotics alamycine. The wound was dressed, and was changing every 5 days. The donkey was given 3 doses of antibiotics for 3 days, 3 doses of vitamins for 3days, and dose of ant tetanus. Also Bakheet was given 3 doses of pain killer.


Recovery time


About 30 days

Advice given to animal owner by SPANA staff



The owner was advised to bind his animal with soft rope and not for  long time, and to use AlHijar ( special rope for tying the legs of the animals which is handwork and made of soft rope).





The owner feeds his animal the straw and the barley, and costs him daily, about £ 0.80 during the days of winter. He depends on the corps of his land as the only income for his family.











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By vet Khaled Alhembazli


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