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Syrian Ambassador to the Environment holds Syrian Iris flower to the children of Dubai and the world

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Cooperation between Animal protection Project (spana) in Syria and Environment Centre for Arab cities participated in the Dubai Syria launching a campaign for the Union ambassadors on the sidelines of the Environment Forum of Arab European cities, which was held in Dubai between X and atheist tenth of February in order to create a generation of environmental leaders as ambassadors able to meet the challenges environmental future and resolve environmental problems which may arise.
The city of Dubai, the first station to launch this programme, which will be an example for the region, where the Centre to seek its application in all other Arab cities and, therefore, to work on setting up a network of communication between students Arabs as ambassadors for the environment.
As a first step to launch this programme by the Centre for Environment of cities and Arab cooperation with the "global campaign seeks to continue the management Arivadz Ms. Caroline Walker and the draft Protection of Animals (Sabana) at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of the Baath and the municipality of Tartous and the Directorate of Children's Culture Ministry of Culture to contribute to this important environmental step aimed at water conservation under the theme "Water and now must" "Water Now & Forever". "
The iris flower represented a symbol of environmental action of the Union ambassadors environment where this flower found all over the world and is characterized by colors, forms and wonderful fragrant, has been planting flowers first iris in Dubai after the transfer of the child Riad Khatib Lead Syrian Vanguard distinguished in the field of English and the Environment in the Directorate of Education Tartus and was cultivating lilies in the garden of school environmental clubs for students in Dubai to be a slogan for each iris blossoms urban children and children of the Arab world who dream of a better environment.
Syria possesses more than thirty species of iris including the important and rare and threatened species Calcosn Shami, lilies and Susan mere foot mountain range of eastern Lebanon and Susan Yabrud
IRIS belongs to the family. Venus and derives its name from the word rainbow Greek language, which reflects the diversity of flower varieties and different colors. There are more than three hundred type of iris. It is this flower colors: pink and white and violet and blue and purple and yellow and black. It is easy planting of perennial plants (which live more than two years) where grow and multiply rapidly, so it should not be left without attention because it Stgzo Garden.
The face of the child Riyad al-Khatib and the environmental group Union ambassadors environmental message to more than 120 head of the Council of the Mayor of the town of Arab, European to be this gesture is the first of its kind as to make children express themselves in front of decision makers interesting environmental problems while addressing various topics of interest to their municipalities.
The forum dealt with Arab and European cities sensitive and important topics on good local governance in terms of performance development and implementation of business investment and the adoption of the decentralization of resources and funds for reconstruction, in addition to addressing the rural exodus to the cities and communities how to manage and develop the new legislation and regulations affecting the property and the promotion of the revival of the poor and squatter settlements, as well Education and training especially for small and medium-sized cities, and the transfer of best practices and innovation in the area of distinct departments to translate ideas into the ground in the areas of environment, transport, tourism and the preservation of heritage and other practices that constituted an example and a model for many cities and territories require and talked about their role and how to transfer and developed to suit the needs of other cities, whether small or large cities, and how to improve and contribute to the monitoring of those practices and try, management and dissemination. It also will study the issue of public transport and urban planning, where the transport sector of the important sectors which reflect the progress of cities and flow, which guarantees freedom of movement to and from the cities, and contribute to the building and development of the economies of the infrastructure that are returns to the city through public transportation systems and infrastructure and intelligent transport systems and tourism. And restrictive forum to the issue of the environment, water, which is one of the most important cities suffer, especially in the area of waste disposal and the best way to manage and secure clean water quality and protect cities from environmental pollution. Comes of international cooperation and domestic financing and related projects is one of the most important themes in this area. The forum will discuss financial instruments to finance projects of the partnership and cooperation of cities internationally and locally in securing funding sources through the main financiers, as well as local funding and private sector participation. The area is also earmarked to discuss topics of culture, heritage and tourism, especially building partnership relations in the dissemination of culture and community awareness, in addition to the means of developing tourism viable and curative tourism and rural tourism and the financing of JCC, and the experience and efforts of cities to renovate the buildings and historic sites.



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