:::::: donkey with hoof abnormalities July 2012 :::::: horse with joint inflammation during July 2012 :::::: horse with wounds during July 2012 ::::::  donkey with wound during June 2012 :::::: horse with colic during June 2012 :::::: horse with hoof abnormalities during June 2012


About Us

With 19 veterinary centres and 21 mobile clinics, SPANA treated over 300,000 animals last year throughout North and West Africa and the Middle East. Our efforts are concentrated on those areas where the need is greatest: wherever animals are mistreated, neglected or struggling to survive without proper care. Many of the animals we treat spend long, tiring days ploughing fields. Others are used to carry heavy loads such as building materials or containers of water.
We also work in remote desert communities, where qualified vets are few and far between. For example, we treat camels and livestock in Timbuktou. Click on the link to the left for more information on our Veterinary programme.

But treating sick animals isn't our only work. We also offer a longer-term solution to improving the health and welfare of working animals.

We visit souks (markets), where large numbers of donkeys and horses are to be found. Here, we not only treat injuries but also show people how to spot and deal with minor ailments. Part of our long-term plan is to prevent potentially fatal injuries and afflictions by explaining the serious harm primitive practices - like using a red-hot iron to treat wounds - can have on an animal.

In many poor families, children often play an important role in caring for working horses, donkeys and camels. So we visit schools, where we can impress upon young minds the importance of looking after animals properly. In this way, we are trying to stamp out the ill treatment of working animals forever. Click on the link to the left for more about our Education programme.

SPANA can also respond immediately to crises, such as when a natural disaster strikes or at a time of civil unrest or war. Our Emergency programmes will dispatch help whenever and wherever animals are in distress. Click on the link to the left to read more about our Emergency programme.

Our funds are limited which means we can't set up SPANA centres in every country. However, through our Outreach programme, we are able to finance carefully selected projects around the world, run by people with the same passion for animal welfare as us. You can read more about our Outreach programme by clicking on the link to the left.